The purpose of this section of "The Urs Marti Weather Site" is to give you some background information. My name is Urs Marti ( as the title of the website already indicates) and I am 21 years old. I study law at the University of Berne ( not meteorology as you may have guessed). Nevertheless I have always been interested in astronomical and meteorological matters.

I do already have another website on the internet - "The Urs Marti Homepage". That page has also a section called "Biography" in case you absolutely positively want to find out more about me. This other website deals mainly with astronomy and military aviation. I have two special sections: one is dedicated to the nine planets of the solar system and the other one deals with the STARDUST mission of NASA - a mission to study a comet. Go and take a look for yourself.

The images of the clouds portrayed on this website were uniquely taken with a digital still camera of Sony - a MVC - FD88. This was cool since this camera has an internal disk drive which made it very easy to save the images on the harddrive of my computer.

Most of the pictures were taken in Oberdiessbach, Berne, Switzerland. All pictures were taken in the year 2000. If you want to use images you found on my website please do read the "Copyright note".

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